Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Key West Pix XVI

It made me think of Cheyenne but I was glad she was safe at home waiting for me. We went for a walk together when I got back.

I saw the light up in the Freeman Justice Center and wondered who was burning the weekend oil, or who had forgotten to turn the bulb out.

I like being a passenger. It hardly happens to me but I like it when I do get to ride.

"Nice dress," said Chuck. "in the suicide lane..." She survived as far as we saw.

Ibis Bay (the former Blue Lagoon) has rooms to rent now that it is low season once again.

Babe on a bike. Nuff sed.

Scooter on a wrecker. Questions abound.

But we were long gone and I was riding in the back so I couldn't have turned around even had I wanted to.

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