Friday, November 25, 2011

Carolina Decay

The other side of Asheville is the urban sprawl of four lane highways winding through the hills making for a complicated city to navigate and an ugly stretch of suburbia to get through.

I saw this Moog building even as I saw Moog t-shirts for sale downtown. I thought the Moog music organ died in the 1970s?

I pulled over in North Asheville in a turnout off Highway 25 conveniently located next to the dump to walk my anxious dog. Uncharacteristically Cheyenne was making Moises about another damned ride in the car so we stopped.

But as always when out with the Labrador we see things we never expect to including the marshaling yard of some tourist related railroad. I'd have more tom say but my relative's Internet access in the mountains is spotty at best and surfing time has been extremely limited. It makes Keys AT&T access seem lightning fast!

We wandered the ruined warehouses and dusty railroad tracks and I got my chance to ponder urban decay and the export of jobs and how much effort it toads to change things. I also got to remember how pretty and colorful and bright the most blighted of streets in the Keys appear by comparison.

These buildings are available for anyone needing commercial space. Freeway access is nearby, that same access which has sucked traffic bound for Johnson City off this street.

Up in the mountains my wife wanted to shop at the community Coop and I was left to guard Cheyenne in the parking lot. Far from suburbia the lights were twinkling as the sun set.

These are remarkable mountains, filled with urban life and isolated farms and small villages.

And even more surprising I was still wearing shorts the day before Thanksgiving, when a major storm blew in.

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