Friday, November 25, 2011

Shades Of Gray

I took off for an amble with my camera through the woods of North Carolina to see what I might find. First a striped rock.

Mason is my in-laws' dog, a cast off from their children who lost interest in the dog with the arrival of children of their own. Another sweet dog abandoned.

Attachments to India are on display ever since the rural Fire Department required all streets and lanes be named for easier fire fighting. A house burned down in this community just before Thanksgiving, the volunteers unable to save most of it.

My brother in law frequently mumbles about chores to be done. These road drains on Dharma Way were to be cleared before the arrival of winter rains. It's an annual chore such as are required of country dwellers.

The rewards of life in the rural parts of the mountains:

And for Cheyenne a potable puddle is reward enough.

In preparation for the climb home through the rhododendrons.

We met a panther along the way. The cat was back looking for a warm ride home.

Another day almost in the bag.

Nighttime lows below freezing are predicted.

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