Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cold Front

When Cheyenne and I got to the pool there was still a bit of blue sky getting rolled over by the big black clouds. Ah winter!

This is winter Keys style, no sunshine for a day and I think these are what the poet calls pewter seas. Pewter they may be but I'm not swimming here until next Spring when they get above eighty degrees again.

Cold fronts dump snow feet deep Up North. By the time they get here we have been living through a few days of hot muggy weather which suddenly reverses itself as the line of black clouds barrel down on us.

When you're in the city of Key West and not paying attention to the winds and the skies and the tides you can easily tell when strong winds and fronts are in the offing.

The fishing boats take refuge off the south side of Key West to get out of the north winds that produce nasty steep waves in the open waters. At night you'll see a string of anchor lights twinkling south of the island between the White Street Pier and the Airport. When the winds die down they roll out of their bunks and go back at it.

This is a backwater base for spongers and fishermen in the creeks and channels among the mangrove islands. I have made it a habit to check out the local commercial fishermen when I travel. Generally they despise amateur gentlemen sailors like me when we meet at sea. They are out there to feed themselves because that is their trade. I'm out there because I'm an arse and doing it for my pleasure. Pros rarely appreciate the amateur effort.

I like to think of the fisherman's life when I'm in warm waters and I see the boats coming and going on their own time being their own bosses. In cold hard waters, I am inclined to feel sorry for them as I never have enjoyed sailing in the cold.

On the subject, there may be a cold front coming but there is still a patch of blue hidden amongst the gray. There are two really good features of winter here in these sub tropical islands. One is that most rain falls in the summer when it's hot. In winter it sprinkles a bit before the front but thereafter it's dry. The other good bit is that winter doesn't last. Tomorrow it will be sunny and breezy and cool. But it will be sunny (I hope!). Even when it's gray it looks amazing around here.

Of course I loathe temperatures below seventy degrees but there's no fear of that for a couple of months (I hope!).

It couldn't be that cold, today, as Cheyenne was taking a dip to cool off while a neighbor was busy leaping around chasing fish. I do enjoy the company of an older laid back dog. Especially on a gray drizzly day trapped indoors

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Anonymous said...

Cheyenne's expression is pure pleasure! I can almost hear her thinking: "ahhhh, that feels so good."
KJ in Idaho-where it is predicted to be 21 degrees on Saturday.

Conchscooter said...

She does like her morning walks. And the cold front as advertised in the paper's weather chart never materialized so after a sprinkle of rain it's back to hot and muggy. Not 21 degrees at all. Maybe tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

It's 9 degrees above zero and it will get down to 3 degrees tonight. We have almost 8 inches of light fluffy snow with it still coming down. Will have to use a scoop shovel to shovel out my driveway before I can get my car in the garage tonight.

Wish I were still there!

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

The weather is here. Wish you were beautiful.