Thursday, November 17, 2011

Walking Key West

An afternoon walk at random before work produced a surprising array of oddities. I passed by Moe's barber shop off Duval Street.

For some reason I paused and looked in the window amd saw this.

That provoked some thought. Who buys fake beards at the barber's I wondered, and why would they need such a thing. Around the corner on Southard Wings and Wieners ran out of puff and closed. This odd sign is now affixed to the door.

What do I know but I thought that was the job of all whores. Personally I preferred the Fred Hotdog to the idea of a big and tall "escort."

I was impressed by this cyclist's patience at the red light on Duval.

A voice in the Citizen was complaining about the blobs around town calling them graffiti, in a bad way. I am surprised they generate so much energy. In the picture below it's the blue thing, not the cat, which I think actually is graffiti.

The sun was setting, the light was fading on my walk. One more reason to dislike the switch to winter time.

Tow companies and the city are in talks about how to charge for tows from private property. The tow companies have come under fire for charging hundreds of dollars for the tows from privately owned lots and the city has been backed into a corner to try and regulate the fees.

It seems to me that the sign is all the explanation a sentient human being would need but apparently it's not enough.

The obligatory flower shot of these yellow beauties that are blooming all over the city. Followed by this view of the tail light of a Toyota Tacoma truck. The light came up to my chest and at this angle looks bigger than a Conch cottage across the street. It's all a matter of perspective but what an odd choice of transport for these narrow alleys.

You can easily read the front page of the paper for free, online in the comfort of your own home. Unless you prefer crouching on the sidewalk.

Fausto's attractive sign overlooking the parking lot is in need of a refresher. The orange is looking decidedly dusty.

I like the old sign above the door and the dark sign next to it that says weekend specials every day. Which must have meant something once.

I liked this sign in the home of a noted local political activist.

The café was looking inviting on a gloomy evening, the orange glow of the interior begged me to stop by for a drink and a plate of food. I had work to do.

I used the flash to penetrate the gloom of this off street parking space. The scooter looked lost in it...

Key West has been packed with people for some reason and tourism numbers have been extraordinary. Long may it last.

The skies put on a grand exit for me as I strolled back to the Bonneville trailing the tourists above.

The stormy skies didn't amount to anything. We're pretty much past thunderstorm season till next summer.

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David B. said...

You just had to. Tabby trees are a constant source of discourse among plant mongers in the city. Some say they are Tabebuia, relative to Ipe. Most just say Tabby trees. There used to be an amazing group of them in front of the housing complex on Whitehead street, but I'm afraid they got in the way of power lines.

Conchscooter said...

I like them. I've been working so much I haven't been into the city much this week. And next week we're in North Carolina which will probably be a whole bunch of leafless trees. Oh well.