Monday, November 14, 2011


The views across Key West Bight entice people to eat out over the water. It's winter now, the other Keys season and the sun has lost its summer strength. Sitting out feels nice these days.

My dog has found her sea legs too and she is quite ready to take on the cool evening air after a long hot summer of panting on airless sidewalks.

Cheyenne was pulling me like the little engine that could and I was dragged along behind protesting and trying to hold her on the inadequate leash. Part of the problem is that i view the walks as her time and I feel churlish about cutting into her walks with my requirements for contemplative pauses and photography while she has a super secret smell to hunt down.

So even though this was intended as a sunset meditation the headlong gallop through the neighborhood around Eaton Street ended up resembling a bolting horse pursued by a hapless groom.

Cheyenne, I implored, look at the sky. But Cheyenne kept tugging, nose to the ground.

It was a lovely evening to be in the city, even when taken at a fast gallop.

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