Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Missile Farm

This is not the first time I have written about the missile base at the end of Government Road. Indeed I have two previous essays amongst all my 2300 entries in this blog, on the place as well as photographs elsewhere of surrounding Little Hamaca Park and the nearby Riviera Canal. This corner of Key West is not often viewed and is easy to overlook if you don't know its there in New Town.



Beyond the fact Cheyenne loves walking around the disused buildings I enjoy the sense of open space and serenity in this odd spot at the end of the road in the middle of the city.

On a day when puffy trade wind clouds were covering the sky and the sun and breeze were conspiring to put me in an expansive mood I just wanted to have another go and recording the colors and the light.

There is huge amount of history associated with this place during the Cuban Missile Crisis and all that is covered in the second link above while the first link has additional photos of the weird military structures left behind- former magazines and the like needed to support the missile batteries.

My fear is that sooner or later this spot will be cordoned off and developed or sanitized or made whole somehow in a way that will deprive the casual visitor of a chance to wander at will among these relics, and all their potential for the dreaded "liability." It cracks me up how people love to criticize lawsuits and lawyers but as soon as they become the injured party its time for the courts to intervene in their favor! One shining example of that was when I fell off my Bonneville in Big Coppitt in the middle of some poorly marked roadworks. The suggestions poured in that I sue etc.. etc... In defiance of all custom I rode home and paid for the bike damage myself. I would do the same were I to suffer damage here. Others? I suppose its reasonable to wonder what they would do were they to trip over their own feet among the rubble...

Some of the antennae are still in operation apparently though whether the feds operate the airport, listen to Cuba or do some other thing with them I couldn't say. I just the like the way they look against the sub tropic winter sky.

I hope I get to enjoy this little walk for a while to come. I need no paintball, also available here or any other organized activity. Just my dog and my camera for an hour of diversion.

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