Sunday, November 6, 2011

Going, Going...

Facing Olivia Street, across from the cemetery which seems sadly appropriate, there crumbles this old home.

I cannot say that I should like to have been a pioneer living with a hand water pump, oil lamps and mosquitoes but I do take pleasure from seeing the past as a lesson for the present.

I wonder who built this place but for all that they lived long ago and must surely long since be dead, I expect they had all the usual hopes and dreams for future generations.

My own gutters are channeled to a cistern to collect rainwater and even though I can access the Aqueduct at the turn of a switch I prefer to run my house on my own supply of fresh water.

In those days hoping for rain was a necessity as piped water only came from the mainland to feed the war effort in 1942.

Held together by string and a prayer.

Which one per center wants a fourth home in paradise that needs a little work?

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fxrguy said...

Those old deserted homes are what I used to work on doing remodeling all over old town. What great memories. I was down last November and was glad to see that there were a few old places like that that still exists. Of course the island is much more built out now then it was back in the late 70's, early eighties. I kinda wish I had stayed a few more years because the building boom really took off after I left in 81. Oh well, I still like to return now and then to the island. I think once you have lived there something of Key West always stays with you.