Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gray And Pink

The morning walk at 6:30 started out gray and dark.

Cheyenne immediately got busy in the undergrowth chasing down the smells of dogs who had been walking there the day before.

I contented myself with enjoying the sunrise which gave rise to that Pale Lemon Yellow Sky of which John D Macdonald used to write in his Travis McGee detective novels.

Cheyenne took off down the road and I ambled after her reading the paper as I went. One advantage to the time change is that mornings are once again light enough I can read the Citizen as I walk Cheyenne before breakfast.

The sun turned the clouds pink as it rose above the horizon.

I was reading how the City Commission in Key West folded like a pack of cards when threatned with a lawsuit over proposals to create a pedestrian zone in the middle section of Duval weekend nights. The experiment was stopped before it was started under the mere threat of a lawsuit by merchants on Upper Duval. They promised a lawsuit if the experiment was tried, arguing the pedestrian zone would create "unfair competition" in attracting locals to Duval Street.

What lunacy we read in our paper! You'd think the lawsuit merchants might get a clue and watch the experiment and if works apply it to their own stretch of Duval. Nah- might as well threatne legal mayhem because the city Commission, instead of sticking to considering this excellent idea, simply caved to the threat of lawyers. Of course there were other issues that needed to be ironed out in any event.

Perhaps the most vexing problem facing the foiled pedestrian plan wa show to deal with beggars and street performers. However that problem was solved by the lawsuit threat so change is off the table. Too bad, I was looking forward to dining al fresco on Duval.

And slowly as the sun rose the pink gave way to orange and the birds took to the skies with the start of the day.

A powerful searchlight through the darkness.

And by the time we got home around 7:15 the sun was starting to illuminate the palms around my house.

When I wake up around lunch time the first thing I do is peer out of the bedroom window and see if its blue skies and sunshine and it usually is. Something like this only more so with the sun higher in the sky. I'll leave the snow drifts to hardier souls.

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