Sunday, November 20, 2011

Old Town Key West

Chuck on Fleming has been keeping a blog about life on Guam much illustrated with pictures and so forth and upon his return to Key West has decided to fire up a new blog about life in Old Town. And in his words "there's nothing wrong with that," -old town living I mean. I am not an Old Town dweller preferring my backwater life canal side in the Lower Keys. In terms of one of my favorite books The Wind in the Willows Chuck plays Mr Toad while I shuffle around more like Ratty wishing I were Badger. Check out:

for boundless enthusiasm and large pictures of a brightly colored life in Old Town Key West. Where I am detached with irony Chuck is wide eyed with joy, living the dream as my colleague puts it when we meet at work (with barely masked irony). He will be a refreshing change from the handful of blogs that try to capture life in Key West.

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Thank you for the plug!

I was flabbergasted at the volume of hits today - now I know why.