Friday, November 18, 2011

In Your Face

It's been a while since we've been out on Stewart Road.

There are only a few home out here for the true misanthropes, the isolationists I admire not least because I prefer to visit these woods not live in them. It's a nice wall though.

The path starts out as a green arbor which is lovely to see but carries it's own perils for those of us taller than a large dog.

First up, poison wood tree which is known to locals in the true Caribbean Islands as manchineel. Get the sap or rainwater runoff from this tree on your skin and you will blister up nicely. My last bubbly encounter lasted four weeks on my forearm.

Then we came across a magnificent spiderweb across the trail, engineering worthy of a human with a degree. Better probably. I used to think these little dead bundles of joy were for lunch. I found out that the spider lays her eggs in the dying insect which provides lunch for the eggs as they hatch. Nature is brutal.

And this bird which is I think a juvenile white ibis has a beak that must be a pain in the nose to live with. Bit he seemed okay with it.

Hot walk, tired dog.

But I wasn't in any terrible hurry myself.

Wilderness made comfortable.

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