Friday, November 18, 2011

Read The Dog

I have been asked how it is I manage to read and walk the dog simultaneously. I attribute this multi tasking skill to three things. One is that Cheyenne is an easy and obedient dog to walk. I got her late in life from the pound and she knows which side her bread is buttered on. She gets lots of walks and I have trained her to stop and stand next to me when a vehicle approaches so I am pretty relaxed with her on side streets. I also tend to keep to light reading on these walks, magazines or the newspaper are my likely reads, not heavy tomes. I save those for the porch.

The third trick is to walk on relatively smooth trails. I have found myself flat on my back when walking and reading in mud or rocks. However I do enjoy looking around and observing my surroundings and also watching my dog who always gets pleasure from being outdoors.

Frequently she likes to sit and watch the world go by and that's when I sit next to her and pass a while in companionable silence together.

Cheyenne and I get along really well together. Walking her is as unstressful as hanging out with an old friend.

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