Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Key Pix XV

Why did the chicken cross the road? It wasn't simply to reach the other side. This damned bird had me stopping in the middle of White Street! I could do no less as it had even chosen to cross in the cross walk.

The National Weather Service Office on White Street is only a couple of years old and it bulges with modern equipment and amenity but I like to see them doing things the traditional way. Before the advent of modern communications weather stations used flags to communicate and the red pennant seen here forecasts strong winds and warns of breezes sufficient to require a small craft advisory.

On the subject of flags this reminder of a colonial past was flying in a yard...

...while this was out front providing another splash of color:

On which subject artist Rick Worth has been busy making this Mazda look camouflaged.

It was parked near The Studios of Key West which will no doubtless be busy this winter. The garden meanwhile is closed.

The official vehicle of the artists' colony is also a Worth disguised van.

And here is an orchid looking just like the real thing painted on the van, more or less.

This AA badge looks like the real thing. In the days before bumper stickers the British Automobile Association issued metal badges like this one to it's members. The story goes that after court challenges discouraged AA staff from warning members of impending speed traps AA workers would not salute passing members when there was an ambush ahead waiting to ticket speeding motorists.

With an E Type like this some warning would be helpful to avoid getting caught speeding.

With a Honda Rebel 250 cruiser lime this speeding is less of an issue. I studied this little bike for a while as Cheyenne rested in the shade. The seat is too low, the foot pegs are too far forward, the fuel tank is too small but it is all well proportioned.

Perhaps it is still true, as the advertising of yore had it, that you meet the nicest people on a Honda. Which must be another reason why I ride a Triumph.

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