Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Keys Workers

If you don't believe me check it on snopes: cell phones don't blow up gas stations. Urban myths notwithstanding when I pulled into my friendly neighborhood gas station the wildly angry tanker truck driver yelled at me to put my cell phone away and not show any open flames. Huh? Anyone who knows me knows I hate using my cell phone and I'd rather call back later when it is convenient to me. I was fueling my car, not phoning as I pointed out to the angry Eagle tanker driver.

He really thought the gas station might disappear in a white hot sheet of flame were I to whip out my Nokia and actually turn it on. When I pointed out gas stations can't be set on fire by phones he yelled at me that he had seen an old lady set her hair on fire with one (!). Some cell phone! Some hair! He went on about stupid people needing to be educated. I finished gassing my car and drove away wondering how stupid can stupid people get? And this one hadn't even called me on 9-1-1 at work!

After a refreshing drive into Key West I took Cheyenne for a walk. Was it any coincidence I found a strong smell of marijuana in the air near this graffito on White Street? I am actually quite fond of the cops I dispatch, though having sexual congress with them might not be on my immediate agenda.

I made the mistake recently of grumbling about our Internet service especially in light of the imminent arrival of the snowbirds this winter who will gum up the airwaves and make connections slower even than in summer. My wife called AT&T who said we had the best DSL connection they offer and now she wants to bring cable into our house as Wayne said he thought our internet service is primitive. I should keep my mouth shut. I hate broadcast TV which is an instrument of the devil with all it's advertising, but my wife is thinking she might soon not be limited to watching the Food Channel at the gym. All is lost.

For $36 a month I like our mixture of discs and streaming from advertising-free Netflix. My television-free life is about to come to an end after fifteen years. Sigh: I really need to learn to keep quiet.

Here are three mosquito control district workers paying homage to the insect fighting bat tower of Sugarloaf Key from the 1920s.

They have a tough job in a society that professes to despise government workers and all their efforts to make the world a better place. Besides, when one grump gets bitten by one mosquito all the good work they do is negated. However If you have read descriptions of pioneer life in Florida, you know mosquitoes were intolerable before organized resistance by people such as these.

I have noticed a great deal of construction going on around Key West. I find it quite encouraging that homes are being cared for and renovated and cleaned up.

It seems like hard labor one way and another even on a relatively cool and breezy afternoon with temperatures just below eighty degrees.

Foreclosures, repos and bank owned homes abound but so do people with money in this town that daily struggles to stay funky.

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Anonymous said...

I recently saw a good bumper sticker: Paved Roads: Another Example of Useless Government Spending. This was deep in the heart of Tea Party Texas, so maybe there's hope.

Anonymous said...

Paved roads in Texas? That's got to be another one of those Urban Legends.

Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Michael -

If the TV becomes too much, you may always come bunk at our place. No TV, as evidenced by the Citizen's feature on our house two weeks prior.