Thursday, November 3, 2011

Off Truman

Truman Avenue is connected to Olivia Street by a series of leafy lanes.

It's an odd juxtaposition to my mind between the business corridor that is Truman, gas stations, shops, both pawn and porn, professional offices all lining the main road to El Dorado/Duval and off to the side these tiny slices of almost invisible Conch cottages.

Old Florida details abound.

The jigsaw puzzle tiling reminds me of the true Caribbean.

The narrow entrances are proportioned to the size of the homes. Outdoor living is pleasant but also sometimes necessary when people try to cram a huge former life into a tiny island home.

They used to make coffee here years ago on Pohalski Lane..

Now they dance and teach the latest fads in exercise-for-amusement.

I missed the Fantasy Fest parade as kt was shift's turn to work Saturday night. I am not that drawn to a parade that now includes too many floats that do the semi-pro circuit of parades. I read there was one from Texas this year.

I'd rather have gone to see the float hand built fro the occasion by the Chevron at Truman and White.

Paradise is always for sale.

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