Thursday, November 24, 2011

One Percent Bicycles

If you want a custom made bicycle wheel this is one of the top places in the country to go. On the right is my nephew Jacob who reports to the owner.

He races cyclo-cross, with a history of off road racing and riding, plus he's worked for Trek and turned down a promotion that would have taken him out of his home town of Asheville.

Jacob is a home boy, married with two boys and the proud manager of an all American factory that makes hubs splines and spokes to top specs. Cheyenne was included in the tour and a dog friendly factory sounds good to me.

They make multicolored spokes to customer specifications out of unobtanium and ship them out.

They hire Americans to do the work in house.

And fiddly manual labor it is too.

A happy work place one might deduce.

A happy boss.

Like me he rides to work. Unlike me he rides a bicycle that is the top of the line with world class American wheels.

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