Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

When my brother is law's cousin first came here as a child for Thanksgiving she took one look inside their home in the woods and famously said: Look dad! This is how the pioneers lived!

Now she reads Psychology at Georgia State and passes out on the couch while minding the new generation.

But yes, the interior of my sister in law's home-made home...

...does have a 19th century air, just right for a family holiday. The first time I showed up there 18 years ago I in turn was astonished when the phone rang. Even though I had frequently called the number I was quite surprised such technology reached so deep into the Western North Carolina woods.

I escaped the claustrophobia of many people getting ready for an early Thanksgiving by walking Cheyenne with Mason Bob's dog and a black cat joined us so I tucked her into my jacket.

We walked in silence and I marveled at the bare trees and abundant fallen leaves.

Soon enough we had to get back for dinner...

A full spread.

With salmon this time around. Fair enough, we were having the main meal a day early, might as well break with tradition and have wild Alaska salmon!

A roaring fire, lots of wine and lots of stories. And a warm dog at my feet.

She got her share.

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