Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Orange And Yellow And Pink

I wasn't sure if it was some giant insect trying to escape the black plastic bag or just the usual tropical foliage suddenly surplus to requirements.

Forget the bag, check out the wild orange paint job.

I thought that looked quite interesting in a new-old style Conch cottage but there was yellow also on view further up Ashe Street.

I thought it looked quite good for all it wasn't pink.

Stained glass windows for the masses.

Weird graffiti for who knows who. A Spanish mission perhaps?

Key West just looks awesome under the sunny blue skies.

Exit Realty has gone and, and be still my beating heart, the formerly yellow Exit Realty building on Truman is now...

...pink! Awesome!

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Chuck and the Pheebs said...

Exit Realty story:

First realtor we stopped at when we knew we were going to buy a house in KW. We'd done several days of online research, just needed a realtor to show us around. We walked in, said we were going to buy a house in Key West that week and needed someone to show us houses.

"I've visitors in from the mainland", was the curt response. "Besides, you don't want to live in Key West. I've some great properties up on Summerland."

I'm pretty sure I said Key West.

"I live on Summeralnd - it's nice, you'd like it. Give me your number and I'll call in a few days."

She never called back. No wonder the place closed.

Elliot said...

The graffiti is of the Key West Armory. http://www.greenworldgallery.com/all-posts/the-studios-of-key-west/

Conchscooter said...

Duh! 20 years in California's Junipero Serra Country will warp your view! Of course it's the Armory! How did I not realize?