Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Reflections In The Water

Humans leave their marks on trees and one is left to wonder what kind of a prat Chris is.

Of course I draw the line at inconvenience and when a tree falls naturally across the path I'm glad someone showed up, presumably from the government, with a chainsaw and cleared up the mess. Nature responds by bandaging the wound with sap.

For Cheyenne rainwater is found drinking water.

So, should we ask the government to build a raised boardwalk so we can walk in the rainy season and avoid the inconvenience of floods?

I'd like to think the prat Chris would say yes.

It's a conundrum for a walker who thinks. How much of a mark do we leave when we stride through the formerly pristine woods and what is our presence worth? "Leave only footprints take only pictures etc..."

I burned dead dinosaurs to get here, just to add to the damage.

She thought it was worth it. And frankly so did I.

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Anonymous said...

The Greeks will have a referendum and reject the bailout and drop the Euro. The people act and the top 1% will quiver. The only people more afraid than the top 1% are the pessimists and government workers clinging to their pensions.

Conchscooter said...

The only reason the Greeks are reacting is because they have already lost their pensions. when it becomes clear that US pensions have gone to feed the banks people in the US will follow the Greek lead. The Occupiers are just a little bit ahead of the curve.

Anonymous said...

You're a cynical, misanthropic, optimist.

The Greeks are reacting which is the beauty of it. Irrational defiance against the overwhelming forces of greed and stupidity that are aligned against them will be their salvation.

Conchscooter said...

I'm sceptical not cynical inasmuch as I don't profit by my lack of faith in people and systems. I'm optimistic in the long term but I am certain we have to get though much pain to get to a fresh balance in our systems. I hope we can do it non violently but perhaps we too have to be irrationally defiant. Oh dear I will be dreadfully useless on the barricades pontificating hopelessly.