Monday, November 21, 2011

Sembert Sings at TSKW

Sometimes I feel like a troglodyte but I can't help it, I like quiet evenings at home with my wife and walks with my dog. But then Cathy Sembert opens The Studios At Key West cabaret series and a reticent dude like myself shows up at 8pm prompt on White Street.

Cathy strutted her stuff in two 45 minute sets all recorded by her daughter Kate home from Orlando to do the deed.

Cathy was having fun singing and strutting to a full house.

She told of her husband Phil a shy piano player who was busy earning a living elsewhere that night.

She went through a dress change to much applause,

And came back to sing a bit more and tell of the trials of child rearing, to much guilty laughter from daughter Kate in the audience.

Oh, and don't forget the ten gallon Stetson. Bayyy-bee!

Then Julia Childs made her appearance to discuss the cooking of the chicken French style. Pianist Michael Thomas usually seen tickling the ivories at the Beachside Hotel, did a brilliant impersonation of the French chef.

With the Diva stepping in a Rachel Ray with her bottle of EVOO.

And a bottle of claret to lubricate the sketch.

One final costume change into a backless gown,

A few more songs to wide acclaim,

And we repaired to the Beachside for pizza and wine and conversation. It can be difficult to remain a recluse in Key West.

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