Monday, November 21, 2011

Frances And Ashe At Night

I started out with a color setting on the camera and that was okay.

But I have really come to enjoy photographing Key West by night, in the sepia setting on my Canon SX100.

Cheyenne was off leash wandering the empty sidewalk and I was trying not to freak out as my love was free to step into (non existent) traffic. The pineapple, even when stylized on a fence, is a symbol of welcome in the Florida Keys.

The former Haïtian Art Gallery has found a new home in some other place in town, on Simonton as I recall, and the old building has become an upscale furniture store.

I adored the sign in the window. "closed till the 22nd..." it read and then just to make sure any and all customers know they are dim bulbs in the high voltage world of home furnishings, the note goes on to say, with a straight face, that they will re-open on the 23rd. What other option did they have? Closed till the 22nd, and opening on the 24th?

Walk a block and see something new. A mysterious garage door for instance.

That's the nature of Key West old buildings and funky skylines. Walking at night is especially rewarding.

I stumbled across a cardboard box on the sidewalk with the all enticing word "Free" stenciled across the side in magic marker. It wasn't interesting, that I knew as Cheyenne ignored it completely. I couldn't see so I fired up the odious, but useful flash.

Fashion magazines? Really? How dreary. Sometimes the unexpected is just a waste of space, truly. Hence the price tag.

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Brady Steffl said...


I had a lot of fun playing with my Canon in the dark, but found it to be too tricky to get consistent photos. I'm not very good - I think I need a class in photo composition. Still, there is a lot of fun to be had with flashlights and fire, etc.

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