Sunday, November 13, 2011

Triumph Tiger 800

We went by Triumph of Miami, where I ordered a rather fancy new helmet, when my wife and I were in the Big City.

Thus I got a chance to see the new Tiger 800 up close for the first time, even as Triumph has released the new 1200 Explorer to an eagerly underfunded public.

The base price of the Tiger is $11,500. Plus no doubt a few more fees and taxes plus saddlebags etc... So I'm figuring about $14,000 out the door as seen here.

I like the looks of the bike well enough but I was quite surprised how huge the machine is. I liked the Tiger 1050 but that bike was far too large and heavy for my tastes. I had hoped this machine might be on a more human scale but even with the low seat option I doubt I would feel comfortable astride this bike. And check out the width on those bags. Lane splitting? Forget it! In Key West it would take two motorcycle spaces to park this thing, so equipped, for free on the streets.

The Tiger's three cylinders produce 90hp, 50% more than my modest $8,000 Bonneville, not that I actually need more power. However the killer is my wife thinks it's fugly and she compares the rather cool green color to a bad taste 1950's kitchen appliance. Bummer. I guess I'd better stay focused on the Sprint GT which she compares to an oversized all plastic scooter. Sigh.

She has a point. There is no motorcycle as pretty as the Bonneville and mine is set up exactly as I like it.

I really wanted to like the Tiger, but for three thousand dollars less the new Suzuki SV650 seems a much better deal. I think I will stick with the Bonneville in any event as it works fine for me, but it was fun to actually see some of the bikes I read about.

My true fantasy machine is another P200E Vespa. But like all fantasies I'm sure it would disappoint thirty years after I last owned one.

I saw the cool French poster in the changing room at Macy's. Too bad I was there to buy work pants.

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Anonymous said...

What helmet did you order? I want to replace my 15 year old Shoei but can't decide. Still riding my Vespa 300 to work in the 30 degree weather. Care to join me?

Von in Ohio

Conchscooter said...

Good for you, but fifty is my lower limit.
I got a double X Nolan 43 Trilogy. I like the versatility.