Friday, November 11, 2011

William And Fleming In Pajamas

I was awake at two in the morning and feeling energetic so off I went. God hasn't said a word to me in decades but churches always speak to me. History, tradition, oppression and lovely pictures. Who could ask for more?

This next picture is for the nutter who called me from somewhere east of Eden at two in the morning a couple of weeks ago asking where he could stay in Key West and not see any faggots. Er...I replied. Er. I'm going to come down to Key West and kick your faggot ass with my marine boot he screeched before hanging up abruptly. Had he waited I'd have told him he could come out of the closet right here and find acceptance around their pool. No need for self hatred, dude.

There are nights when answering the police phones is more amusing than standing in a darkened street taking pictures. Other nights it's a lot worse, but never mind, sometimes we actually do some good. Those are the really good nights.

If you ride around like this when solid citizens are sleeping factory mufflers are a good idea.

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