Friday, December 2, 2011

Cheyenne On Elgin

Elgin Lane runs parallel with Eaton Street for a couple of blocks, so some of the addresses on the lane are in fact the back of buildings that face the larger street.

Cheyenne can't read so she didn't know the gate was supposed to be closed. She didn't even have to push.

They don't like speeding in the lane so they put down rubber sleeping policemen. I had no idea but it turns out the city of Chatham in New Jersey first used them in 1906 to slow cars down from the heady heights of 30 miles per hour, a common high speed in that city in those days.

Cheyenne was fascinated by the quality of the recycling put out in the lane.

I enjoyed the architecture.

This curious little clock face gave not the time, but the street address of the residence. That's a first for me.

A nice place Elgin Lane and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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