Friday, December 2, 2011

Hibiscus Lane

How Hibiscus Lane has escaped the attention of my camera for the past four years and 2300 essays I'm not sure but this is in the "better late than never" category.

It's one more alley on an afternoon jaunt through Old Town.

Off street more-or-less covered parking with style.

I love how people feel comfortable painting their homes wild colors.

And how they leave their hats hanging in the palms (?).

I have no idea how or why it got there but it's probably better than the underwear I have seen adorning bushes around town.

Cheyenne had to be convinced the little lane had simply run out when we got to the end.

Modern angular homes set against the sky.

A close up of another eponymous flower on Hibiscus Lane.

And this is not hibiscus.

Louvered windows- long may they stay in fashion in at least a few homes in this town.

And so we called it a day.

Key West: unending source of small mysterious lanes and alleys.

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