Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Key West Library At Dusk

This is the oldest public library in Florida and despite or perhaps because of it's age it is extremely vibrant and active.

At their website you can see how many very modern services are offered by the low pink building on Fleming at Elizabeth Streets.

Monroe County Library has public computers available but it also broadcasts a county wi-fi signal which means you will frequently find people sitting on the steps at all hours busy getting on line.

It's a popular place and I find it a fine refuge when I am in town with time on my hands. This is also one of those places that offers a free public toilet...! Even if you are illiterate that is worth knowing in a tourist town that guards it's toilets jealously 'for customers only.'

As I am an old fashioned soul in many respects I do enjoy the books especially the Florida section and tomes on the history of this historic city. Of course this is a county wide facility so the are many other libraries scattered through the islands. The only other branches I have used are Big Pine and Marathon, but they extend all the way up the chain of course.

I guard my library card as carefully as any identification card in my wallet.

If you want to learn more about the trials and tribulations of a circulation clerk (not a librarian) in a public library, in this instance in Denver check out this very readable blog:
Danette In Denver

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