Wednesday, December 14, 2011

School Bus

I watched a Monroe County School district bus pull alongside my car. These familiar yellow boxes are all over the county which is spread so long and so narrow that they have to be everywhere. As annoying as they can be spewing fumes and driving carefully with their important cargo one has to give them credit for being the tough machines that they are, seen all over the Americas when they are superannuated in their original use. Seen here, for instance in the back ground when I was in Belize in 2000.

I took a job years ago as a school bus driver and I have to confess I enjoyed the driving and the hours and the benefits rather more than I did the company of the passengers. Handling a 78 passenger bus was easy, it was the 78 passengers that I found hard to handle.

And there they go, those big yellow buses, back and forth across this Conch Republic, painted just the same shade of bilious yellow as school buses everywhere else in this massive country.

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