Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mohawk Farewell

For want of a $400,000 refurbishment as mentioned previously on this blog, the last of the Atlantic Convoy USCG cutters of World War Two is to be towed away and ignominiously sunk in the silty waters off Sanibel Island.

Already the CGC Mohawk has been stripped of all welcoming signs for visitors, the awning above the quarter deck is gone and the boat is shuttered and sad.

It seems such a cruel waste that this remarkable survivor has to be destroyed to make way for an up market marina and shopping complex.

I am glad I got to take the tour and thoroughly enjoyed the superbly preserved story of this elderly ship.

For those that didn't take the time to visit, here are the few photos I took, not realizing at the time that the Mohawk would one day soon be destined for deliberate destruction. Click the link below for the full essay of the tour:

CGC Mohawk

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Anonymous said...

Its the American way. Everything is for sale. Including our souls.

Hon. Steven W Lindsey
state rep
Keene, NH