Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rest Beach Sunset

The big sunset draw in Key West is Mallory Square.

It's the noise and the color and the vendors and the crowds.

Not to mention the not-half-bad water views.

But there are other corners of this two mile by four mile island where the sun can be viewed as it sets in an entirely different frame of reference.

Rest Beach is on of the nicer spots to contemplate the connection between water and sky in Key West and normally there is nothing remotely resembling a crowd.

When I rolled up there was a little party underway at one of the tables at the beach. A group of possibly Dominicans were playing loud salsa from the car stereo while hanging out talking and laughing in a small huddle.

It sounds like it might have been intrusive or annoying but they were so cheerful and their music so Caribbean they just added to the ambiance. I walked the sand and enjoyed the moment.

A very nice moment it was too.

This is the time of year that sunset celebrations at Mallory square are conveniently timed for me so I shall return I am sure. But Rest Beach is a pearl all year long.

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