Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Joy

I have been reintroducing my dog to the backwoods of the Lower Keys where I live. It's a seasonal thing in a place where seasons are suggestions vaguely indicated by increased humidity and mosquitoes or cooler temperatures and less rain.

Cheyenne rejected all attempts at exploring Old State Road 939 on Sugarloaf Key during the summer. Frankly this suited me just fine as mosquitoes out jeer blanket every living moving breathing thing, including me. But now at last my furry dog can breathe and winter's modest chill excites her desire to explore.

Just looking at the pictures it's hard to discern the temperature but it was shirtsleeve weather when we were there.

As Key West fills with people as winter deepens I like to retreat to these trails away from the crowds of downtown visitors. And as naturally as they come the crowds thin and Cheyenne prefers her walks in town where, with less effort she gets to sniff more in summer. Back and forth goes the cycle.

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