Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Rainy Interruption

I was hanging out with Chuck of Old Town Blog fame, at his house when our outdoor ruminations were...rudely interrupted, by the weather.

The downpour was sudden and powerful.

It transformed a cloudy afternoon into a summer tempest.

Everything got a thorough drenching, including Chuck's new/old Volkswagen Bug, under refurbishment for Pauline's driving pleasure.

Chuck the engineer does like his projects and the 650 BSA, waiting for a bearing, got a nice washing.

Cheyenne is not fond of rain and she let me know.

Chuck's retreat suddenly seemed snug and cozy and wintery.

Visitors don't let a little rain, or even a lot, get them down.

A damp shiny clean street.

Rain free at last. It went as suddenly as it had come, in a span of twenty wet minutes.

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