Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bahama Village Amble

There is a certain pleasure in randomness around Key West, taking a walk, an activity I enjoy a great deal, and taking pictures of anything and everything that appeals to the eye.

I see a lot of pretty homes which are also pretty typical for the older area of my home town.

Fences and pointy roofs all over the place.

Old Conch cottages sit side by side with...

...other old homes fitted with those magnificent old tin shutters that I love so much.

There are magnificently refurbished homes...

...and other sturdy houses that are doing fine without the bourgeois touch.

And in their midst this bizarre restaurant, Better Than Sex which is heavy on the teenage innuendo if you go online and look at their menu. ”You'll be sure to get some nookie when you scoop up this sweetie," ugh, or "smooth slippery love custard joins in a poke party with sugar pieces and dribbles of warm soft caramel." That sort of soft porn stuff makes me want to go sit on a broomstick to harden the fuck up.

And you can get a Money Shot, not described on the menu, which I am told is the porn industry's description of a man having an orgasm on film. Just what I want in a glass for the low low price of five dollars, US.

Or you can walk half a bloc and get your shoe repaired by the last living cobbler in Key West

The paper did an article on him a while back.

This would be the sensible end of this block of Petronia. Money shot indeed!

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