Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hemingway And The Dog

There was some slight tension on the leash as Cheyenne stopped to retrieve somebody's lost edible near the Hemingway House:

I needn't have worried because this couple took their time getting the shot just right while Cheyenne and I stood cheerfully and watched. The light was failing already and as a result my picture, taken with an impatient animal tugging, came out fuzzy...

And once again we have the mystery of the abandoned footwear:

And in case you are lost you can rely on a signpost to get you where you need to go. What else do you need in the Southernmost City?

Turning off Whitehead we passed this wreck,

...carefully labeled:

It is pretty amazing that in a town where dirt is anything but cheap that this sort of wasted space continues to be allowed to moulder away. Probably angry heirs or some such thing preventing development.

This place further up Catherine was finally open, even though there was a "closed" as well as open" sign outside. The Tomasitas were there and that is the first time i've been by and seen them out there actually selling fish. I was too shy to take their picture.

Which brought me to this phenomenon, quarters glued on the sidewalk. Perhaps the idea is to watch strangers bend down and try to enrich themselves twenty five cents at a time. Cheyenne and I didn't bite.

I am very fond of specialty license tags as they are much easier to read and memorize by members of the public when they call the police about, say a hit and run.

As for the palm stenciled on the trunk I'm not sure but reality is often rather better it seems to me:

Try painting an image of all that tropical lushness on the trunk of your car.

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Danette said...

Hi Michael, Hope your readers notice your Hemingway with one "M". I see so many people around the blogosphere who are so-called "fans" yet they misspell it. Of course considering all the really common words you find around your neck of the woods with misspelling, I guess it's not surprising if others can't spell Hemingway correctly!

Anonymous said...

I once had the opportunity to visit with Patrick Hemingway. He spent a lot of time growing up in the house. He told me all of the stories the guides tell are false and there's nothing original left in the house. I asked him if it was true that his Dad carried the urinal from the original Sloppy Joe's/Captain Tony's to the house and had it installed at the pool. He said that story was also a fabrication. He lives near Bozeman and seems to have an intense dislike for Key West.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

Thanks Danette.
Bob: Hemingway loved his home in Cuba, Finca Vigia ("Lookout Farm"). Put those two words into the search function at the top of the page and you'll see pictures I got from a friend who visited Cuba.
Hemingway spent time in Key West but loved Cuba. Ironically enough and I have no doubt about what you write.