Sunday, February 26, 2012


If you eat at Parrotdise there is a good chance you will meet Keb, an unassuming cheerful man with a mane of gray hair and a permanent smile. He and his son Ryan created Big Pecker wines and sell them through his cheerful restaurant on Little Torch Key, Mile Marker 28.

Come early enough and even in winter happy hour can be a low key affair for a while, a few tables occupied, the bar packed with television blaring with the spoken word still audible at your remote table.

Big Pecker wines appeared on a billboard on Summerland Key and there was a predictably absurd round of protests equating pecker with penis. Whatever, I drink Smithwick's draught when I'm in the land of the Big Pecker. At $3.75 a pint it's a deal and at two for one during the 3 to 6 pm Happy Hour it's a superb deal. Get and keep a designated driver.

I like Parrotdise because the food though not fancy is good value if you are in the mod for bar food. During happy hour prices are reduced and you get the same great view.

If you partake of the poisonous weed you can sit out on a rather pleasant deck and hammer another nail in your coffin with the same great view...

It's a bright and cheerful place to drink good beer and eat jerk wings and have a meaningful conversation with friends.

By the time the second pint appeared we also got our sushi rolls and wings.

And I wanted fish fingers which my wife, not usually a fan, admitted were light and crispy and made perfect by mango sauce. I managed to remember to take a picture of sorts before the last one vanished. $6 goes a long way at happy hour at Parrotdise.

The bar is home to the obnoxious television screen but these patrons weren't put off by the advertising and graphics and general stupidity of modern broadcasting.

The sun was setting after I polished off the second Smithwick's (I'm a lightweight!) and weary anglers were heading home under the Highway One bridge.

Parrotdise is famous for it's old Land Rover parked on a pile of rocks, however I am more drawn to the fact that motorcycles get their own parking, on poured concrete no less. The only problem is that motorcycles and Smithwick's aren't compatible.

It's a nice spot, on stilts, on the waterfront facing Big Pine Channel and surrounded by palms.

On Highway One look for the Parmer's Resort sign and turn north on Barry Avenue.

It was a very pleasant evening at Parrotdise. Keb's place is worth a visit.

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sandra said...

How is the wine? I would buy a bottle for my neighbor based on the label alone. Great deal on the Smithwicks!

Conchscooter said...

It's good enough for the label i'm sure but I always drink the beer. does that make me a snob? I liked the controversy when they bought a billboard recommending big pecker wines and Highway One drivers were embarrassed. I guess they were the ones with inadequate peckers.

Len said...

Wow, $3.75 for a pint of Smitty's? We pay $165 for a half barrel and it's not a true half barrel because it comes straight from Ireland so it's measured metrically.

Unless they get a much better deal than we do they are losing money during Happy Hour.

We'll be sure and check them out next time we come down.

Conchscooter said...

Good beer and nice water views are the claim to fame. Decent value for bar food.

RedInkstone said...

Unlike books, I admit to sometimes buying wines based just on the label-- you never know where it will show up.

RedInkstone said...

Unlike books, I admit to sometimes buying wines based just on the label-- you never know where it will show up.

Conchscooter said...

I bought three novels last week based on little more than their covers...Big Peckers? Overrated! And not necessarily the wine.

Anonymous said...

If I'm browsing and buying, it's always based just on the book's cover. What else is there to go on? The weird truth is that the cover is usually enough.

Conchscooter said...

As I get older I like to seek out familiar authors...which makes me officially an old fart I guess.