Sunday, February 26, 2012

If Pigs Have Wings

In the course of my 54 years I have frequently heard that stupid phrase "...if pigs had wings," because it's an easy put down of silly ideas. Much of my life has been filled with dreams of the impractical so the smarter, down to earth people around me have felt obliged to stomp on the dreams with that stupid phrase. It turns out some pigs do have wings.

That's the secret of life, don't let the buggers stomp on your winged pigs.

Key West for a lot of people is a winged pig, the place where a disco ball can become a garden ornament.

Key West is the refuge where people come to dream that life can be exactly as they want it. On a bad day you can walk Lower Duval street and figure most people's dream is the ability to drink alcohol continuously without consequences.

Key West is the place where we lose our inhibitions, where our little private pigs practice flapping their newly sprouted little wings.

It isn't always the best thing to bring those little pigs to life. They start to flap their wings and then they demand attention and you either pay them their due and move to Key West or climb Mount Everest and then your detractors have their chance to tell you that despite indicators to the contrary pigs do not actually have wings.

Bonnie Albury's house on Southard Streethas a couple of enormous flappers on it and the little men hovering around the dilapidated mansion, paying it homage with their power tools and buckets of blood are helping the new owners to get their pig off the ground.

Bloody stupid isn't it? It's a declining housing market, or at least stagnant in Key West, and in a world of diminishing energy resources who wants a giant mansion in the hurricane belt that cost an arm and a leg to refurbish in time to be demolished by Mother Nature's annual summer fart? See, it's easy to tear down people's dreams, so easy perhaps you should try something different instead.

Perhaps flapping a few pigs wings isn't such a bad,ll be dead soon enough.

I don't trust the preacher when she insists we get to flap our wings when we're dead. what if this is all the time we've got?

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Singing to Jeffrey's Tune said...

"Mother Nature's annual summer fart" - brilliant. Love the quote and I will unblushingly steal it.

Conchscooter said...

Thank you jeffrey, always a pleasure. I got two other comments in my e-mail ox that didn't appear here for some reason:

Stephen in Big D has left a new comment on your post "If Pigs Have Wings":

Wow! Interesting and insightful post; well, at least to me. Life is short and mine is halfway over, so my pigs will sprout wings by year's end. I can genuinely appreciate yours and Chuck's perspectives on the uniqueness that is Key West. Through your posts, I feel like I already have a grasp on the resident life. . . as well as some great places to check out.

Good luck.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "If Pigs Have Wings":

But what if the dream is the Poker Run on a Harley?

To which I reply : don't let some filthy bugger on a Triumph put you off.