Thursday, March 15, 2012

On And Around Whitehead Street

I like taking pictures of people taking pictures of Key West.

They remind me why I am out pretending to be a tourist taking pictures of my home town. They saw bougainvillea, I saw Spring Breakers.

Key West can be a very severe town. This sign on Louisa jolted me into compliance even though I was on foot at the time.

This open lot at the corner of Louisa and Thompson looks ripe for development...

...and as usual when development is the issue building one nice house is not enough. Two 'rate of growth ordinance' units means that two homes could be packed into this field.

The they will need cars and stuff and these lanes can be pretty tight. I'd rather have a stilt home with parking underneath and lots of room for a garden. Luckily it's not my lot to be under- exploited.

Whimsy in a tropical theme:

And a flower.

And a dog doing her job.

Cheyenne often asks me why I keep taking her picture. It's because she doesn't grumble like other members of my family tend to.

She is a good and patient girl and deserves all the time in the world to sniff whatsoever she wants.

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Anonymous said...

Cheyenne always asks me why I keep taking her picture.....It's because we all love to see her.
Noticed the Welcome sign is missing an "o". Wish I was there, Scooter Vic

Conchscooter said...

Damn! You have sharp eyes I missed that one. Excellent.

Lori Burdoo said...

Love your blog! I'm in Key West for 6 weeks and write a lot of online articles so I'll be surprised is you don't run across me taking pics. I sat at the beach on the end of Duval last week and took pics of tourists taking their pics on the pier. Funny! I'm adding a link to your blog to an article I'd doing right now. Will post the url when it's done. If you see a middle aged woman walking a shaved australian shepherd and a small 8 lb nothin' dog, that's me! Lori