Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Artist's House

I have to say I admire people who take a simple structure and turn it into a canvas.

Bright colors and flamboyance suit almost anything in a sunlit tropical environment. Take a strange shape for a bike rack and paint or age and watch the yellow Labs flock to it.

And up above the door one doesn't just nail a number, one adds colors and scenery.

I am clearly no artist, my house is a sort of gray color wit dark trim. What do I know?

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Richard Machida said...

The number sigh is a really nice touch...

Conchscooter said...

Probably it would be under snow where you live.

Len said...

Not sure about the snow situation where Richard is but here in Wisconsin the snow is GONE!

It's been between 65 and 75 degrees for a few days and it's supposed to remain that way for the next week. I'll take 30+ degrees above normal in mid-March anytime.

I couldn't resist boasting about our fine weather since I only get the chance to do it every 10 years or so but I'd still rather be there.