Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spinning Wheels

A quintessential Key West scene, eating seafood roadside with your bicycle parked nearby.

It's stone crab season about now though I am one of those who wonder at the effort it takes to catch crack and cook the claws for the meat thereby gained. At least the crab doesn't give up it's life to feed the fad. Construction and renovation will keep rearing it's head in these essays:

This old loading dock off Eaton at Grinnell looks like it will soon be something else.

The picture above confirms my recent statement that in Key West men always ride in front of women. Len argued unconvincingly that he rides in front of his wife because he is the only one who knows where they are going. The dude below was earnestly peddling a contraption that rivals my pink Crocs for sissiness.

This family got strung out on their bicycles. This youngster peddled hard to keep up with Mom somewhere off Southard Street...

...or was it Fleming? The rest of the brood chased along like ducklings crossing the street.

This elderly MG moves around town from time to time, the occupants as exposed to the weather as though riding a motorcycle, with all the disadvantages of bulk of a four wheeler.

But with the advantage of Fantasy Fest beads on the hood.

My wife lusts after a Fiat 500 convertible like this one.

It seems we are not alone in our attraction toward the new flagship of the revived Italian marque in the US.

I see these $20,000 wheels all over the place in South Florida. Too bad the flat economy makes it seem like an extravagance. Fiat 500 for her, Dodge Dart / Alfa Romeo Giulietta for him. Next year, after the Depression!

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Stephen in Big D said...

Just curious, where does one get their Fiat, non mainstream, or luxury car serviced in KW? In preparation for my move to KW I found the closest Infiniti dealership is 130 miles away. So I bought a Toyota econobox for service convenience. Besides, I understand the sun and salt air wreak havoc on cars in KW. . . I also don't plan on spending much time in my car!

l said...

Thanks for the mention Michael.

Next time we're down there I'll get an extra bike and you can ride with us while Heidi is in the lead and we'll see if it changes your mind about the male/female bike debate :)

Conchscooter said...

Local mechanics get parts sent from the mainland but if you have warranty issues you basically go to Miami/Ft Lauderdale. My wife drives a Chrysler Sebring because it is a convertible four seater and common as dirt. They are known. Drive an Audi and pay the price...To own an exotic is a pain but worth it for some people. Corrosion is not the issue it once was. Salt is applied liberally to many roads and salt air has less impact on modern cars than it once did.
I use my internal combustion a lot. I enjoy riding more than driving but I love a road trip. Living trapped on a small island is hell for me. Its a great retreat but to ignore the fact I have a continent available to me is not my cup of tea. I dread the day oil becomes too expensive for daily use.

Dear Len. I have a bicycle, which I rarely use when I have dog to walk. I will be happy to ride and watch you in action!