Friday, March 2, 2012

Street Art

Walking has always been an enormous pleasure for me, an activity some associate with earnest exercise or low rent transportation. In Key West walking brings with it the opportunity to see things not otherwise visible to the motorized passerby. Stained glass in a church window,

...or this, associated with a guest house of the same name.

I wonder where they find these plaques, possibly on E Bay I suppose these days. Orchids are available in shops and flourish year round:

Key West's elderly housing stock makes for picturesque street scenes but the need to create apartments wherever one will fit often creates scenes like this one high above the street:

Small gardens get maximum decoration. This would not be noticed from the seat of a passing scooter, but a walker will get the chance to check it out.

Multiculturalism above and a long dead Christmas shrub, still bravely decorated below:

The sunlight in these pictures has a bright summer quality to it, putting everything into sharp relief.

We end where we started, al tire on a wall. As though real live palms abundant everywhere weren't enough.

A visitor I spoke with said she tried a scooter to cross town, then a bicycle but she reverted to walking to allow herself the greatest amount of time possible to check out every single thing Key West streets have to offer. This essay is for her.

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lys93 said...

Yes,Michael, we have had a mild and relatively snowless winter here in the western burbs of Chicago. Some parts of the Midwest have gotten dumped on...we have been lucky. Gray and 40 today but next week we are supposed to hit 60 degrees plus. Early spring things are blooming and the grass is trying to green up. Cuz Lynn

Anonymous said...


You've been using your iPad for some time.
Any thoughts pro or con to said device?
Am perhaps waiting for version three however in the interim, any thoughts on same?
And the walking tour is bang on correct.

bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

We used to walk the lanes of the downtown eastside of Vancouver and most of the time the residents would call the COPS to have us checked out. Luckily this had happened before and the Officer knew us . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Conchscooter said...

Bob, people are too fearful to deal with anything themselves so they dial 9 1 1 and prefer not to pay taxes...job security for me, and budget cuts for every other public agency.

Bryce. I use the original iPad bought refurbished. I see no point in the "new" models "upgraded" for marketing purposes. If you can find the applications you need, buy the iPad, it is excellent. The cell connection would be fatal for me as I would never put it down. I hardly use the lap top though it is still necessary as not all functions can be carried out on the iPad.