Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Boulevard

Sometime soon this main artery into Key West is supposed to be torn up for the next 900 days. When done it will be smooth, it will drain during rain storms and it will be landscaped, so the state says. Imagine the multiple-opinion controversy in little Key West.

Quite aside from the length of the roadworks which will screw up traffic for almost three years, the plans call for a new traffic light at Searstown and that has some people riled. Others are upset because a new seawall will incorporate an ugly metal railing which will impede the view in an attempt to save idiots from themselves. The plan calls for different palm trees to be planted though that little newspaper furor may have saved the coconuts.

I'm enjoying the unimpeded access to and from the city while I can. The unimpeded view is nice too, besides I've never felt the need to drive my car into the salt water despite the lack of a "safety" railing.

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Lou said...

I'm worried about the impact on some of the smaller local businesses with the change of traffic patterns for so long and don't even get me started on how I feel about the "fence". It could be a giant nightmare in the making....