Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Varied Wheels

From time to time I like to take a stock check of the ways people get around Key West. Gliding on a $20,000 Harley is a popular path.

A Motokar powered by a version of the venerable Honda CB125 four stroke single is unusual.

Asian travelers will have seen cabs and utility vehicles much like this one in various guises but this particular model has been brought to Key West die by entropy as an immobile business ad.

The details are quite surprising, three brakes, spacious seating under shade, all hauled by ten or so horsepower.

One of the catamaran companies sells tickets from a Vespa sidecar, engineless and hopeless. I expect this unique three wheeler to end the same way. I like to see motorcycles, modern old or unique in use. They were built to be ridden, all of them.

A free Jeep? Surely not?

It would take one call to find out but I'd rather leave it as it is and enjoy someone's idea of a joke. The weird thing is someone out there will have their curiosity sparked.

Key West bicycles are more fun than pedal power back home. It's a well known fact.

As are mopeds in all their varied colors.

I liked the reflection in this silvered little visor.

Two wheels is how you get round Key West efficiently. A transportation revolution you might say in the land of the SUV.

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