Friday, May 11, 2012

300 Block Duval

Evening on Duval Street though not yet late enough for the drinkers to be swarming.

I am astounded by these trinket stores that pay rent in the tens of thousands of dollars each month and sell "unique" crap to bored visitors shuffling by seeking a unique purchase to remember this unique island.

Really a strange name for an unlikely concept. Unique should be added to the list of unnecessary words in vogue.

"Personal" is my current unique favorite bugaboo. Take "personal" out of any sentence and nothing changes. My personal motorcycle. My motorcycle.

I have never been much of a shopper, though many heterosexual men make that claim. Women shop, men stand around feeling useless. In my case my wife has always made more money than me so the other stereotype about signing checks for her doesn't stand either.

Here's another "unique" store a few doors up from the last one. I cannot begin to imagine what Chinese sweatshop workers must think of us.

Somehow in the midst of this shopping frenzy an honest-to-goodness attraction showed up. The island's Oldest House. However the gate is not so terribly welcoming!

Only in Key West does a visitor attraction carry No Trespassing signs at the entrance. "No Trespassing. Use other gate." Naturally the other gate also has a No Trespassing sign. Catch-22. Personally I have no idea what it all means.

Kelly McGillis starred in Witness and Top Gun playing desirable women on the silver screen and she traded those 15 minutes into a life on this island for years and years. Though she no longer lives here her name lives on, also shouted out periodically by passing Tour Guide drivers. Fame rubs off apparently. Personally I couldn't care less.

I wonder if this sidewalk wallah is selling unique stuff. Personally...

When I see people checking the menu I wonder what they expect to find in a restaurant on the main tourist drag with a focus on one time diners?

You get food with a view where you can be seen. Personally...

This lot sell lottery tickets to win vehicles using the proceeds to help victims of drunk driving. Which wouldn't be necessary were medical bills not the issue they are. I wonder how they cover the rent on this premium spot.

Linen and a view.

Not a violation but a parking permit. Ride a scooter and treat it as though it were a car. There is in fact ample free scooter parking a short walk from everything.


After six pm loading zones are free for two wheelers along Duval. Motorcycles rule!

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bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

Personally,I'm like you, I don't personally buy trinkets when we vacation. And Personally, I have never seen so many "Trespassing" signs as you seem to personally have in KW.

One day I will personally come to KW to see them for myself

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Anonymous said...

I don't like the trinkets stuff. I'd much rather go to Faustos, buy one of their canvass bags with their name on it and then use while on the island and then use it at home. If there's a local charity/good cause selling stuff, I'll buy that. I have the KW PD and KW Fire Dept T shirts. Hardly warm enough to wear them in Montana, but the money goes to a good cause and they don't gather dust. There's a cool sign shop on Duval that makes wood sign replicas of KW business signs. The owners are really nice, they contribute a lot to the local parrot head club and other charities so I have a few KW signs around the house.

Bob from Livingston Montana

Conchscooter said...

Personally I needvto find the sign store. I think remember where it was before it got burned out in the 500 block, if I remember correctly.
Bob is mt personal canadian shopping connection so he gets to mock me.