Saturday, May 12, 2012

Chicken Mania

Key West chickens roam the streets and are a constant source of wonderment to everyone who comes across them.

This rooster had worked out a splendid party piece, perching high above the crowds.

He sucked me in along with a few others strolling by...

I stood at the back of the line and clicked away.

Later I spotted the cock-of-the-walk down amongst us mere mortals.

As always the performers have to come back to Earth after their strutting is done.

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Anonymous said...

Has anybody, to your knowledge or the knowledge of friends killed,
cleaned and cooked one of these wandering two-legged denizens?

Fresh fowl on the hoof, so to speak?

Conchscooter said...

Roosters are caught and traded to be fighters which is illegal but goes on among the outlying islands outside Key West.
Technically it is not illegal I belive to catch and kill a wild chicken if it is to be eaten ( a depression era kind of thing I believe).
I have never eaten a wild chicken but I am told they tend to be stringy, as you might expect. Not recommended.