Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monterey, Virginia.

Start a road trip with a view of falling waters at a place called Falling Spring, and pause to enjoy the views.

Like everything of historic importance in the Commonwealth, Thomas Jefferson, an early governor of the state, seemed to have his finger here in pursuit of preservation. Despite modern perceptions of his stance on government, Jefferson saw a strong role for gummint in the preservation of things of value for the Commonwealth. He didn't just sell out public wealth to his friends running mega corporations.

Destination Monterey, on an overcast day in southwest Virginia. Monterey in this case is not the former capital of the Golden State, nor is it the capital city of Nuevo Léon in the United States of México.

It is the seat of the most sparsely populated county in Virginia

For some reason they named it Highland County, possibly in deference to the line of rolling hills that separate it from the rest of the state to the east.

Thrift stores are away of life supporting assorted causes, in this case the local pound. Even here they have surplus of pets it seems. Neutering as a way of life is as far off as ever.

The architecture reminds me of the mansions seen in Key West.

And as pretty as the homes are you can get a lot more mansion for your money here, than at 24 degrees North.

Four bedrooms built in 1856 for an asking price of a quarter million. This one below isn't actually for sale.

This one isn't either, but I think you can rent a room for the night at the Highland Inn. Not in my plans but I bet the beds are comfy. Breakfast on the balcony anyone?

The anti-Monsanto movement is alive and well. I read somewhere that Brazilian peasant farmers have filed a six billion dollar class action suit against Monsanto and it's crop patents. Well, this isn't Brazil but they are fighting back:

And they like flowers around here too. Cheyenne was indifferent.

Ancient houses abound but perhaps this was a manufactured home trying to look cool. I know less about architecture than I do about plants and I am notoriously ill informed about botany. It's quite possible General Nathaniel Greene slept here. And as he died in 1786 that would make the house old. If he did sleep here. Which I doubt as I just made that up.

On the other hand Bucksnort Lane is located off Seldom Seen Road, and you know that's true because realtors don't joke about this stuff. I joke about it all the time. I'd love to see this address on my driver's license. Ninety grand sounds pretty lovely too.

The day was starting to deteriorate if your idea of good weather is blue skies and sunshine. Riding a motorcycle without rain gear in the saddlebags was starting to look like a challenge.

I was in a car with working windshield wipers so I was relaxed. This guy was too, even though he had ridden from New Hampshire on a Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, one of the bikes on my short list for happiness. The Aprilia behind him is faster but I am too old for that kind of sport. Seeing exotic Italian bikes on the street reminded me I wasn't in Key West.

Though even here lumbering Harleys do fill in the spaces between Italian bikes on the roads. This lot were looking more prat-like than usual in their matching orange outfits.

It was jealousy at work as they were riding and I wasn't.

However a few miles up the divine US Highway 250 to Staunton, filled with curves and dips and tremendous fun on a motorcycle, I was jolly glad I was snug in a car.

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RichardM said...

I'm enjoying your road trip photos (after just noticing that your posts were not from Key West).

The Moto Guzzi's look great and I've heard that they are pretty reliable.

bobskoot said...

Mr Conchscooter:

I am not sure you are sufficiently experienced to navigate the multitude of twisty roads and the ups and downs of the landscape on your Bonnie. You must be out of practice, that's why you are in a car.

Have a good trip

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Conchscooter said...

I am taking my vacation in short chunks before my wife goes to Europe. I hope one chunk will include abandoning Cheyenne and riding Deal's Gap with the Bonneville to see if Florida's straight roads have left me impaired. I will not be adding cruiser bars to the Bonneville to ride these gorgeous mountains!

Danette said...

Beautiful pictures as always. Hope you're enjoying your vacation!