Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staunton, Virginia

It rained and I drove and my dog slept.

I was not sure what this sign meant but it looked important.

Staunton, pronounced "stan-ton" is one more historic city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thus it is brick buildings from another era abound.

It also slopes a bit owing to the lay of the land in southwestern Virginia.

It wasn't in operation when I was the but the American Shakespeare Center is based here. They operate an Elizabethan style indoor theater here and put on about 300 performances a year with a traveling company as well.

I am keen to see them but according to their literature ASC they weren't open when I was in town. Too bad, but I will get to see them Performing my next trip, as I have tickets in hand.

Apparently they rely on a repertory of actors with strong costuming, multiple rĂ´les and minimal staging to relive the joy and accessibility as they put it of the period's staged entertainment.

I liked Staunton, despite the weather.

And the architecture was great fun and so surprising in a nation dedicated to kitsch in public buildings.

Staunton isn't far from the nation's capital and lies at the southern terminus of the famed Shenandoah Valley.

It is a university town, filled with shops restaurants and thus youth.

Just one more fancy town in a state filled with history.

A nice mixture for a short vacation.

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