Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roanoke's Greenways

The city of Roanoke Virginia has established a bunch of walking and cycling trails around and across the city.

They are a way to get out into nature in the middle of the urban sprawl of a city of a hundred thousand, but as I am quite unfamiliar with the geography of Roanoke I can only tell you I walked a couple of them wherever it was they went... The Murray Run started through a patch of wild strawberries.

The trail wandered between a school's sports field and a street of suburban homes.

The dirt and gravel is well graded to make for easy running or cycling, though some runners prefer the athletics field.

I took a seat and watched the action of which there wasn't much.

It was a delightfully peaceful spot on a weekday evening in the middle of the urban hustle.

I found some strange flowers, or whatever they are...

And the trail became wooded like a real forest. A hell of a commute!

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the city I found a similar greenway under the Memorial Street Bridge.

This one was more popular.

Quote a bit more popular yet hardly crowded!

People everywhere.

I paused for pictures while my dog hustled along seeking new smells.

Huckleberry Finn was out learning to kill fish on the Roanoke River.

Quite the spot.

Deep green grass to refresh a hot Labrador.

I don't think Cheyenne was missing mangroves and mugginess and limestone...

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David B. said...

Judging from the condition of the bracts, you must have found the very last dogwood bloom of the season on that tree.

Conchscooter said...

Now I know what those literary dogwoods look like!