Friday, June 22, 2012

Roanoke Mountain

There's a turn off the Blue Ridge Parkway that leads to the highest spot overlooking the Roanoke Valley around Mile Marker 120.

The four mile loop really isn't that bad but the parks service doesn't tell you that.

Cheyenne liked the altitude on a spring evening but the views didn't impress her.

Mill Mountain is the location of the world's largest artificial star, the usual hyperbole. The star is a cute way to give Roanoke a nickname. Birmingham Alabama is the magic city, Roanoke is e star city.

The sunset was okay but it was also an indication that the place was going to get dark and the parks service would sweep through the loop and hustle us out before they locked the gates.

It was pretty out there.

Virginia is filled with fields, narrow lanes and scattered houses.

The parking lot at the top was empty until my Labrador made an appearance and started prowling.

There was a narrow trail through the woods but it was too late to explore.

It looked intriguing with it's slate steps and handrail into the void.

So we came back next day and the wildlife was out in the sunshine.

It looked positively Hansen and Gretel in the light of day.

Cheyenne was wondering when the hills would stop.

She gamely climbed the steps my sweet aging girl.

The local undertaker came by and waited patiently,

...but Cheyenne easy to go just yet. We sat on a knob and admired the view together.

The hill was waiting for us on the return trip to the parking lot.

The view remained excellent.

We sat in the grass and I read while Cheyenne watched people come and go. I like the company of my dog.

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Unknown said...


I never thought I'd say it when I was leaving, but your blog makes me miss Virginia. I wasn't so keen on some of the pompous bull that floated out there, but the roads were beautiful and the towns were extremely scenic by American standards. I guess I'd look at going back if the opportunity ever presented itself. Enjoy the rest of it. Charlottesville isn't too bad, if you want a swamp of people try the downtown mall after 5 pm on Friday (Fridays after five.) they've usually got a free band.

Behind Bars

Conchscooter said...

I like the blue ridge mountains and i'm not alone in that. The new river valley is a fantastic motorcycle area,though northern Virginia is a horrid suburb. I was surprised by your dislike for the entire state! I'm hoping to get the Bonneville to north Carolina before the wife leaves for Europe. I adore Cheyenne but I really want to ride a few twisties this summer.