Monday, July 30, 2012

A Quiet Sunday Morning

It was my weekend off and of course the skies were black and threatening and I had an anxious dog to walk. Not everyone was stressed by the weather.

Some birds weren't even stressed by passing speed boats.

Cheyenne and I watched the activity from a Flagler Bridge converted into a fishing pier.

We decided it wasn't worth stressing about the crappy weather.

Then we saw a bunch of people out paddling.

I'm not sure if they were being piratical or imitating pacific South Pacific paddlers.

I found a forgotten artifact from an alien culture. It was covered in blood and fish scales so I thought it might have been a cannibal implement.

I liberated and took it home to use as a pruning knife. Vegetarians rule.

I wondered I'd they were having marriages on the boat Joan above. The two birds below seemed to have gotten spliced already.

Cheyenne was hunting which I thought was unsporting on a Sunday, but she ignored my qualms.

Look at those clouds, the promise of rain.

Sure enough it drizzled a little bit but...

... We were snug back in the car when it rained. Yet again. Home to tea and Netflix and not answering my phone. If anyone at work had a hangover I wasn't up for any overtime.

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