Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jolly Roger Pirate Homes

I suppose my obsession with denying the rumor that pirates ever lived in the Keys is getting a bit...obsessive.

The jolly old pirate myth animates the souls of suburbanites who need glamor and a touch of terror to lend color to their couched lives.

Pirates were outcasts and they were also democrats. Yup, they voted their captains into office and threw them out if they failed to bring in enough loot. They were also socialists as they shared their money among all members of the crew. Think about that.

Besides which pirates needed secure harbors with water for their drinking casks, straight strong wood to repair their ships and a town to recreate in. Old Providence off Nicaragua was a base that covered the sailing routes out of the Panama silver route.

Port Royal in Jamaica covered similar bases until the British kicked them out.

New Providence in the Bahamas also worked after Old Providence was made untenable by angry merchants and governments. Key West was in the wrong place measured by currents and winds to intercept Spanish galleons. Plus the was no town before 1820 and no natural water or wood or any other supplies. Why then would pirates be in Key West?

That reasoning doesn't stop developers naming subdivisions like this one on Little Torch Key from give giving the place a piratical twist.

Lots of shuttered homes for the summer, because the pirates are all Up North giving their grandkids piggy back rides.

They're missing the best time of year in the Keys.

Which is nice for Cheyenne and I as we can walk in peace.

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Anonymous said...

It should count for something that the pirates would fit in quite well on Duval at 2am on a Friday night.

Conchscooter said...

True enough. I just get a little tired of myth being passed as history. On those terms it seems sometimes that all history is actually myth!

Anonymous said...

Thought about the pirates as socialists at your request and I must agree. They stole from an unwilling public and eventually went extinct. NEXT!

Conchscooter said...

They had a better democratic way of life stealing from the rich and pissed off the people in charge who hounded them and offered them amnesty which they refused in favor of freedom and equality abpnd were exterminated leaving serfs in their wake.
History reads two ways, asshole.