Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mangrove Mama's

The newspaper reported last week that the restaurant at Mile Marker 20 has new owners. Which on the face of it seemed like good news. The retardant was purchased by out of town owners a few years ago and things did not go well at this formerly renowned eatery.

Long time staff left and things bimbled along, more or less okay as seen from the outside. Then the enthusiastic new owners got column inches in the paper with the new owner quoted as saying he was tired of shoveling snow. That comment gained a certain level of unintended irony when the Key West Citizen followed up with a story that the new owner had to go "home" to Wisconsin to serve a 45 day sentence for possession of and dealing cocaine. Shoveling snow indeed.

Rick Ramsey for Sheriff proclaims the election billboard still up at the restaurant. I don't suppose the legal contretemps necessarily bodes ill for the restaurant that I would like to see restored to it's former cheerful glory, but it's well known that addictive personalities don't necessarily do well in the Keys where the culture of excess is carefully cultivated as eccentricity.

I hope Mangrove Mama's becomes a nice place to hang out, especially since Parrotdise is gone, but drink and drugs do not mix well with the hard graft needed to make an eatery work in these trying islands. A successful fresh start for all would be great. Fingers crossed and I hope they get Smithwicks on tap
as well.

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